Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670) on Union with Christ


Youngchun Cho, "Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670) on Union with Christ," Westminster Theological Journal 79, 2 (2017), 291-310


Cho, Youngchun. "Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670) on Union with Christ." Westminster Theological Journal 79, 2 (2017), 291-310

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In support of previous arguments by Robert Letham and Mark Jones, Cho cites TFT and JBT as representatives of the view being argued against.


This article investigates the soteriology of Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670), an influential member of the Westminster Assembly, focusing on his understanding of union with Christ. Tuckney presented union with Christ as undergirding and permeating the whole of the ordo salutis. The believer is first united to Christ through faith and then participates in every redemptive benefit as a result of this union. Yet Tuckney did not deny the need to make a distinction between each benefit in an orderly manner. In Tuckney’s soteriology, union with Christ and the ordo salutis are complementary, not competitive. This study aims to rebut the accusation that the Westminster Standards pursued logical precision at the expense of the dynamic aspect of union with Christ.