Phase Ic: The Interview

Training in conducting an oral history exceeds the purposes of this manual; please consult with the general editors. Nevertheless, a few points may be noted:

The oral histories typically consist of audio recordings, transcribed and indexed. Where possible, audio will be recorded in an uncompressed WAV format of CD-quality (16 bit, 44.1kHz) using high-quality microphones. Due to the pandemic, Zoom video or audio recordings may be acceptable in some cases.

The following forms are required to be completed by the date of the interview. Communicate with the narrator(s) so that they will allocate sufficient time before the interview for this paperwork. The more that can be completed by email beforehand, the better!

  1. Topic list
  2. Interview data form
  3. Deed of Gift
  4. Biographical data form
  5. Auxiliary materials donation form

Associated documents may include captioned photos, scrapbooks, letters, diagrams, maps or artifacts which the narrator may show the interviewer during an interview. Any original items (photos, maps, letters, etc.) presented during the interview, either for immediate scanning and return, or as gifts, will be covered by the agreement and included in the project.

Download zip files containing forms and worksheets: