2020 - Volume 8: "Torrance and Biblical Theology"

Participatio Volume 8: "Biblical Theology" (2020); #2020-P-1.

Todd Speidell, Editor (Contact)
Issue editors: Elizabeth H. P. Backfish, Paul Owen

Participatio 2020, Volume 8 Biblical Theology cover page

Table of Contents

Gary Deddo, "T. F. Torrance on the Realist Reconfiguring of Theological and Biblical Studies to be Co-Servants of the Word of God," 1-30; #2020-GWD-2.
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Murray Rae, "Reading the Decalogue in the Community of Faith," 31-45; #2020-MR-1.
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Elizabeth H. P. Backfish, "Shattering Itself against the Covenant: Reading Judges 2:20-22 with Thomas F. Torrance," 46-64; #2020-EHPB-1.
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Jonathan Lett, "T. F. Torrance’s Unapologetic Theological Exegesis and Jesus’ Baptism of Repentance," 65-90; #2020-JL-1.
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Erin M. Heim, "Pauline Adoption and T. F. Torrance’s Doctrine of the Incarnation," 91-111; #2020-EMH-1.
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Paul Owen, "An Essay-Review of Michael F. Bird and Preston M. Sprinkle, eds., The Faith of Jesus Christ: Exegetical, Biblical, and Theological Studies (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2009)," p. 112-138; #2020-PO-1.
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Date published online: January 21, 2021.
Minor editing error corrected January 25, 2023, on p. 23 of Gary Deddo's article.

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