2010 - Volume 2: "Thomas F. Torrance's Influences and Appropriations"

Todd Speidell, Editor

Participatio cover pageEditor's note: Torrance's influences and appropriations will constitute a continued emphasis of future volumes, including a focus on other Church Fathers and Karl Barth.

Table of Contents


Matthew Baker, "The Place of St. Irenaus of Lyons in Historical and Dogmatic Theology according to Thomas F. Torrance," pp. 5-43; #2010-MB-1.
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Alasdair I. C. Heron, "Calvin in the Theology of Thomas F. Torrance: Calvin's Doctrine of Man (1949)," pp. 44-63; #2010-AICH-1.
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Robb Redman, "Mackintosh, Torrance and Reformulation of Reformed Theology in Scotland," pp. 64-76; #2010-RR-1.
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David A. S. Fergusson, "Torrance as a Scottish Theologian," pp. 77-87; #2010-DASF-2.
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Tribute and Book Review

"TRIBUTE: Professor George Hunsinger Named Recipient of 2010 Karl Barth Prize," pp. 88; #2010-GH-1.
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John P. Burgess, "Review of George Hunsinger, The Eucharist and Ecumenism," pp. 89-97; #2010-JPB-1.
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