Supplemental Volume 4: "Torrance and the Wesleyan Tradition" (2018)

Participatio Supplemental Volume 4: "Torrance and the Wesleyan Tradition" (2018); #2018-P-1.
Todd Speidell, Editor
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Participatio 2018, Supplement volume 4, cover pageTable of Contents
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Thomas A. Noble, "Wesley and Torrance: An Introductory Survey of Comparisons and Contrasts," 1-10; #2018-TAN-1.
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E. Jerome Van Kuiken, "All of Him for All of Us: Christ's Person and Offices in John Wesley and T. F. Torrance, 11-38; #2018-EJVK-1.
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Thomas A. Noble, "Grace and Election in the Theology of John Wesley and T. F. Torrance," 39-62; #2018-TAN-2.
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Travis M. Stevick, "Overcoming the 'Hair's Breadth' between Methodism and Calvinism," 63-82; #2018-TMS-1.
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Jacquelynn Price-Linnartz, "John Wesley and T. F. Torrance on Pneumatology, Theosis, and a Breath of Life for Dying Denominations," 83-111; #2018-JPL-1.
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Joel Scandrett, "A Catholic Spirit: John Wesley and T. F. Torrance in Ecumenical Perspective," 112-143; #2018-JS-1.
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Reviews and Responses

Rodney D. Holder, "Review of Greg Cootsona, Mere Science and Christian Faith: Bridging the Divide with Emerging Adults," 144-147; #2018-RDH-1.
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Paul D. Molnar, "Response to Alexander J. D. Irving. Natural Theology: An Impossible Possibility?," 148-184; #2018-PDM-1.
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George Hunsinger, "Review of Travis M. Stevick, Encountering Reality: T. F. Torrance on Truth and Human Understanding," 185-?; #2018-GH-1. Forthcoming.
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