The Doctrine of Grace in the Old Testament

Thomas F. Torrance, "The Doctrine of Grace in the Old Testament," Scottish Journal of Theology 1 (1948): 55-65; #1948-021
Torrance, Thomas F. "The Doctrine of Grace in the Old Testament." Scottish Journal of Theology 1, no. 1 (1948): 55-65; #1948-021
There is no one word for grace in the Old Testament as there is in the New, nor are the precise lineaments of the New Testament thought manifest, but the substance of the doctrine is there. In fact there is no language that expresses so profoundly and so tenderly the unaccountable love of God as the Hebrew of the Old Testament. This is not thought of abstractly but in intensely personal terms as the active love of One who is essentially the living and loving God of Israel. The dominant thought throughout is the amazing choice of Israel by God as grounded only in His free and unlimited love and as creating a community in fellowship with God who bestows Himself upon them as Father and Saviour for ever.