Universalism or Election

Thomas F. Torrance, "Universalism or Election," Scottish Journal of Theology 2 (1949): 310-318; #1949-033
Torrance, Thomas F. "Universalism or Election." Scottish Journal of Theology 2, no. 3 (1949): 310-318; #1949-033
In the foregoing number of this Journal Dr. J. A. T. Robinson has done us the service of raising once again the question of universalism in a way that both merits admiration and challenges discussion. Rarely has the case for universalism been stated so adroitly and so persuasively, but when even that statement rests upon deep inconsistencies one has less hesitation in turning away from the formidable authorities which he cites to the voice of the Catholic Church which throughout all ages has consistently judged universalism as a heresy for faith and a menace to the Gospel. Without doubt however there is a great truth here and that must be disentangled from the dangerous untruth.