Aspects of Baptism in the New Testament


Thomas F. Torrance, "Aspects of Baptism in the New Testament," Theologische Zeitschrift 14 (1958): 241-260; #1958-130


Torrance, Thomas F. "Aspects of Baptism in the New Testament." Theologische Zeitschrift 14 (1958): 241-260; #1958-130

Publication life cycle / General notes

This article is a sequel to "The Origins of Baptism," SJT 11 (1958), pp. 158-171 (#1958-136). Lecture delivered to the University of Lund, October, 1956. July-August 1958 issue.

Reprinted in Conflict and Agreement in the Church, vol. 2 (#1960-155d).


All the four Gospels take time to speak about John the Baptist before they offer us any account of the ministry and teaching of Christ...