The Church in an Era of Scientific Change


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Church in an Era of Scientific Change," The Month (1973): 136-142 (April), 176-180 (May); #1973-310


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Church in An Era of Scientific Change." The Month (1973): 136-142 (April), 176-180 (May); #1973-310

Publication life cycle / General notes

Lecture delivered to the Church Leaders' Conference of the British Council of Churches, Birmingham, September 15, 1972. Published in The Month, vol. 6, nos. 4 and 6 (London, 1973), pp. 136-142 and 176-180; #1973-310. Reprinted in New College Bulletin, #1973-311; and in Theology in Reconciliation, #1975-322g.