The Nature of the Resurrection Event


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Nature of the Resurrection Event," in Space, Time and Resurrection (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1976), 86-105; #1976-331f


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Nature of the Resurrection Event." In Space, Time and Resurrection, 86-105. Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1976; #1976-331f

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See Robert Walker, ed. The Atonement (2009), ch. 8 (#2009-TFT-1h).

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“The kind of time we have in this passing world is the time of an existence that crumbles away into the dust, time that runs backward into nothingness… As happening within this kind of time, and as event within this kind of history, the resurrection, by being what it is, resists and overcomes corruption and decay, and is therefore a new kind of historical happening which instead of tumbling down into the grave and oblivion rises out of the death of what is past into continuing being and reality. This is temporal happening that runs not backwards but forwards, and overcomes all illusion and privation or being. This is fully real historical happening, so real that it remains real happening and does not slip away from us, but keeps pace with us and outruns us as we tumble down in decay and lapse into death and the dust of past history and even comes to meet us out of the future. That is how we are to think of the risen Christ Jesus.”  (pp. 88-89)