Determinism and Creation


Thomas F. Torrance, "Determinism and Creation," in Divine and Contingent Order (Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 1981), 1-25; #1981-385b


Torrance, Thomas F. "Determinism and Creation." In Divine and Contingent Order, 1-25. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 1981; #1981-385b

Publication life cycle / General notes
  • Published as "Determinism and Free Creation according to the Theologians" in Académie Internationale des Sciences Religieuses (#1978-353).
  • Reprinted from Abba Salama vol. IX (1978) (1451)
  • Translated into German as "Determinismus und Freie Schöpfung aus der Sicht der Theologie" (#1979-357).
  • Reprinted as ch. 1 in Divine and Contingent Order (#1981-385b).

From the Preface of Divine and Contingent Order (1981), pp. ix-x: "The first three chapters of this book represent lectures I have given to groups of scientists and theologians, and are reproduced here with only subsidiary modification. 'Creation and Determinism' was delivered to the International Institute of Theoretic Sciences, combining the International Academies of the Philosophy of Sciences and of Religious Sciences, at its meeting in St. John's University, Long Island, New York, on 9 July 1977."

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