The Covenant Concept in Scottish Theology and Politics and Its Legacy


James B. Torrance, "The Covenant Concept in Scottish Theology and Politics and Its Legacy," Scottish Journal of Theology 34 (1981): 225-243; #1981-JBT-1


Torrance, James B. "The Covenant Concept in Scottish Theology and Politics and Its Legacy." Scottish Journal of Theology 34, no. 3 (1981): 225-243; #1981-JBT-1

Publication life cycle / General notes

Inaugural lecture, King's College, University of Aberdeen, October 20, 1977. Footnote #1, p. 225, indicates the original setting and sets this essay alongside two companion essays already published in the SJT: "cf. 'Covenant or Contract'..., also 'The Contribution of McLeod Campbell...'"


One of the most significant words of the Bible is the word ‘covenant’. We read about God making a covenant with Abraham, renewing that covenant at Sinai, about David making a covenant with Jonathan, and again with the elders at Hebron when he became king. Jeremiah speaks of a day when God will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and in the New Testament, Jesus is presented to us as the Mediator of the New Covenant: ‘This cup is the new covenant in my blood.’...

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