Worship and the Gospel


James B. Torrance, "Worship and the Gospel," First Baptist Church Vancouver Archives, 14 lectures (Regent Audio, 1984); https://www.regentaudio.com/products/worship-and-the-gospel, #1984-JBT-3


Torrance, James B. "Worship and the Gospel." First Baptist Church Vancouver Archives, 14 lectures. 1984. Regent Audio, https://www.regentaudio.com/products/worship-and-the-gospel; #1984-JBT-3

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A lecture series recorded in 1984. 14 lectures. 18 hours, 17 minutes. First Baptist Church Vancouver Archives. Available for purchase online from Regent Audio, Product ID RGDL1410S.


This series begins by examining two different views of worship, asking the question: Is our worship really Trinitarian or too often in practice 'unitarian'? Three main themes will be developed: Worship and the doctrine of God; Worship and grace; and Worship and the doctrine of man. Each of these is expounded in the light of the Incarnation and place of Jesus Christ and the Spirit in Christian worship and prayer, showing how historically Christian dogmatics has unfolded from doxology.


What is Christian Worship? The Priesthood of Christ. The Trinitarian Grammar of Worship. Civil Religion, Pragmatism, and the Gospel. Worship: Means or Response? The Covenant Concept. The Covenant Concept. Nature/Grace Model of Federal Calvinism. Limited Atonement? An Alternative. Beyond Dualism. Grace and Law in Judaism. Incarnation and the Holy Spirit. One Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Authority, Scripture, and Tradition. Theology and Spirituality.

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