The Concept of Order in Theology and Science


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Concept of Order in Theology and Science," in The Christian Frame of Mind (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1985), 16-28; #1985-449c


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Concept of Order in Theology and Science." In The Christian Frame of Mind, 16-28. Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1985; #1985-449c

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Preface: Derived from a lecture at "the University of Alberta at Edmonton in February, 1983, as part of their 75th birthday celebration, and was repeated at a local meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation held at Kinnewick, Washington, in March, 1983.... the main substance... has already appeared in a shorter form in The Month, December, 1983, published in London."

Reprinted in #1989-505d, which added three new chapters.

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