The Christian Frame of Mind


Thomas F. Torrance, The Christian Frame of Mind (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1985); #1985-449


Torrance, Thomas F. The Christian Frame of Mind. Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1985; #1985-449

Publication life cycle / General notes

Dedicated to David Cairns. All four chapters derived from earlier lectures.

Reprinted as #1989-505, with revisions and substantive additions.

  • Preface, 3. (#1985-449a)
  • 1. The Greek Christian Mind, 5. (#1985-449b)
  • 2. The Concept of Order in Theology and Science, 16. (#1985-449c)
  • 3. Man, Mediator of Order, 29. (#1985-449d)
  • 4. The University within a Christian Culture, 49. (#1985-449e)
  • Index of Names, 63.
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