The Distinctive Character of the Reformed Tradition


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Distinctive Character of the Reformed Tradition," in Incarnational Ministry: The Presence of Christ in Church, Society, and Family; Essays in Honor of Ray S. Anderson, ed. Christian D. Kettler and Todd H. Speidell (Colorado Springs, CO: Helmers & Howard, 1990), 2-15; #1990-520


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Distinctive Character of the Reformed Tradition." In Incarnational Ministry: The Presence of Christ in Church, Society, and Family; Essays in Honor of Ray S. Anderson, 2-15. Edited by Christian D. Kettler and Todd H. Speidell. Colorado Springs, CO: Helmers & Howard, 1990; #1990-520

Publication life cycle / General notes

Later published in Reformed Review, 2000-TFT-4. H&H copies have W&S stickers affixed over the top of the publication information on the title page verso. The two 1990 versions are one and the same in content.


pt. 1. A theology of Christian ministry. -- The distinctive character of the reformed tradition / Thomas F. Torrance -- Holy God, holy church / Donald W. McCullough -- Homo peccator and the imago dei according to John Calvin / Alasdair C. Heron -- The atonement as the life of God in the ministry of the church / Christian D. Kettler -- The ministry of the word of God / Geoffrey W. Bromiley -- Baptism and the Christian community / Colin E. Gunton -- Unmasking idolatries: Vocation in the ecclesia crucis / Alan E. Lewis. -- pt. 2. A theology of social ministry. -- The ministry of reconciliation today: The realism of grace / James B. Torrance -- Incarnational social ethics / Todd H. Speidell -- Conformed to His Image: The imago dei as a Christological vision / Willie J. Jennings -- Covenant and image: Theological anthropology, human interrelatedness, and apartheid / Adrio König -- No other gospel: Is liberation theology a reduction of the gospel? / John W. De Gruchy -- Evangelism: Solidarity and reconciliation / William E. Pannell -- The ministry of leadership: Empowering people / Walter C. Wright. -- pt. 3. A theology of family ministry. -- Family ministry and a theology of the family: a personal journey / Dennis B. Guernsey -- The family commitment / Lewis B. Smedes -- The challenge of modernity for the family: False hopes and opportunities / Jack O. Balswick & Dianna R. Garland -- The whole image of God: A theological and anthropological understanding of male-female relationship / Frances F. Hiebert & Paul G. Hiebert -- Toward a practical theology of marital sexuality / Judith K. Balswick -- Toward an integrative theology of parent-child interaction / Cameron Lee.


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