Disruption to Diversity


David F. Wright and Gary D. Badcock, eds., Disruption to Diversity: Edinburgh Divinity 1846-1996 (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1996)


Wright, David F., and Gary D. Badcock, editors. Disruption to Diversity: Edinburgh Divinity 1846-1996. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1996


Part 1, From Reformation to New College
1. "From John Knox to John McLeod Campbell: A reading of Scottish theology," Thomas F. Torrance (#1996-603)
2. "The Disruption and the Dream: The making of New College 1843-1861," Stewart J. Brown

Part II, Edinburgh Divinity, from Disruption to Diversity
3. "Hebrew and Old Testament," Graeme Auld
4. "New Testament," John O'Neill
5. "Ecclesiastical history," Alec Cheyne
6. "Divinity and Dogmatics," George Newlands
7. "Christian ethics and practical theology," David Lyall
8. "Religious studies," Frank Whaling

Part III, College in context: Books, Neighbours and New Horizons
9. "Dual Identity: Church College and University Faculty," Bill Shaw
10. "New College Library," John Howard
11. "Student Kaleidoscope," Andrew Ross
12. "The Free Church College, 1900-1970," Donald MacLeod
13. "Elsewhere in Edinburgh: Colleges Newer and Older," David Wright
14. "New Wine in Old Bottles," Duncan Forrester
15. "New College and the Reformed Tradition: The Promise of the Past," Gary Badcock