Creation, Contingent World-Order, and Time


Thomas F. Torrance, "Creation, Contingent World-Order, and Time: A Theologico-Scientific Approach," in Time, Creation and World-Order, ed. Mogens Wegner (Oakville, Connecticut: Aarthus University Press, 1999), 206-236; #1999-TFT-5


Torrance, Thomas F. "Creation, Contingent World-Order, and Time: A Theologico-Scientific Approach." In Time, Creation and World-Order, 206-236. Edited by Mogens Wegner. Acta Jutlandica LXXIV:1; Humanities Series, 72. Oakville, Connecticut: Aarthus University Press, 1999; #1999-TFT-5

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This article is reprinted in 2002. P. 5: "This series of papers derives mainly from a symposium arranged May 1996 by the Center for Cultural Research, the Department of Philosophy, the Department for History of Ideas, and the Theological Faculty, all at Aarhus University, and the Department for Communication, Aalborg University."

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LXXIV:1; 72
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