How to Read T.F. Torrance


Elmer M. Colyer, How to Read T.F. Torrance: Understanding his Trinitarian and Scientific Theology (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2001); #2001-EMC-1


Colyer, Elmer M. How to Read T.F. Torrance: Understanding His Trinitarian and Scientific Theology. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2001; #2001-EMC-1


Book table of contents:
Introduction. 1: Torrance's life and achievement, 35.
PART I: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ch. 2: The mediation of Christ: homoousios, hypostatic union, atonement, p. 55.
Ch. 3: The mediation of Christ: Christ's vicarious humanity, p. 87.
PART II: The love of God the Father.
Ch. 4: The love of God the Father Almighty, p. 127.
Ch. 5: Sovereign creator, contingent creation, p. 156.
PART III: The communion of the Holy Spirit.
Ch. 6: The Holy Spirit, 211.
Ch. 7: The church, the body of Christ, p. 242.
PART IV: The Triunity of God & the character of theology.
Ch. 8: The triunity of God: one being three persons, p. 285.
Ch. 9: The integration of form in theology, p. 322.
Selected bibliography of Thomas F. Torrance's Theology, p. 375-380.
Reader's Guide, pp. 381-386.
Name Index. Subject Index.