The Doctrine of Jesus Christ


Thomas F. Torrance, The Doctrine of Jesus Christ (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2002); #2002-TFT-1


Torrance, Thomas F. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ. The Torrance Collection. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2002; #2002-TFT-1

Publication life cycle / General notes

Auburn Lectures, 1938-1939. Preface: "In the summer of 1939 (sic) I returned to Edinburgh from Switzerland..." He returned to Edinburgh in 1938, arriving in Auburn in fall of 1938.

Included in the Logos Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance collection, #2018-TFT-1-Logos.


Preface, p. i (dated April, 2001).
2: The Encounter with Christ.
3: The Gospel Testimony to Christ.
4: The Apostolic Testimony to Christ.
5: The Significance of Christ for Faith.
6: The Incarnation.
7: The Pre-existence of Christ.
8: The Humiliation of Christ.
9: The Significance of the Humanity of Christ.
10: The Significance of the Divinity of Christ.
11: The Person and Work of Christ.
12: The Background of the Cross.
13: The Mediation and Intercession of Christ.
14: Forgiveness and Reconciliation.
15: The Resurrection of Christ.
16: The Ascension of Christ and the Second Advent.

Local Notes

OU copy donated by Robert T. Walker.