Reading Ray S. Anderson


Christian D. Kettler, Reading Ray S. Anderson: Theology as Ministry, Ministry as Theology (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2010)


Kettler, Christian D. Reading Ray S. Anderson: Theology as Ministry, Ministry as Theology. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2010


Why is theology often divorced from ministry? Why is ministry left bereft of a robust theology? Ray S. Anderson, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary for over thirty years, has left a legacy of provocative reflections on these questions. In this book Christian Kettler provides a sure guide to major themes in the work of one of the most creative theological minds to have sought to integrate theology and ministry. Early experience on a South Dakota farm and in a California parish helped form the theologian whose radical incarnational theology of the "kenotic community" provided a new basis for a broader, risk-taking ecclesiology. Anderson also brought theological anthropology to the front of the agenda, and therefore into ministry to actual hurting human persons. His challenging theological reflections can provoke the mind, stir the heart, and guide compassionate and wise incarnational ministry. Each chapter ends with a case study from an actual life situation, to "test out" and work through the implications of Anderson's theology.