Where are the Fruits of Love?


Christian D. Kettler, "Where are the Fruits of Love? T. F. Torrance, The Vicarious Humanity of Christ, and Ecclesiology," Participatio 6, "T. F. Torrance and Ecclesiology" (2016): 73-88


Kettler, Christian D. "Where are the Fruits of Love? T. F. Torrance, The Vicarious Humanity of Christ, and Ecclesiology." Participatio 6, "T. F. Torrance and Ecclesiology" (2016): 73-88


The fruits of love should be found in the community of Jesus Christ, the church. But that is often not the case. It may be that the church suffers from theological anemia in its Christology and soteriology. T. F. Torrance's doctrine of the vicarious humanity not just death, of Christ offers an alternative. Based on the eternal trinitarian relationship of love, the Father in love sends the Son, and the Son responds with a perfect response of love to the Father. This is a love that is a free love, not out of a compulsion or need to love. Here is the basis for the free acts of both giving and receiving love in the community of Christ, the church.

T. F. Torrance and Ecclesiology

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