My Recollections of Thomas F. Torrance


Christopher B. Kaiser, "My Recollections of Thomas F. Torrance" (typescript dated 28 September 2021)


Kaiser, Christopher B. "My Recollections of Thomas F. Torrance." Typescript dated 28 September 2021

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Title page: "Excerpted from our family chronicle (begun in 2010)."

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Opening paragraph:

Fall 1970 [my 3rd year at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary]:
One of the major turning points of our lives came when Chris finally discovered a theologian who was genuinely interested in the relation of theology to science. It began one day when I was looking through the current periodicals at Gordon College’s library (Winn Library), and I found that the Evangelical Quarterly had a review of two very promising books about science and theology. One was entitled Space, Time and Incarnation, and the other was Theological Science, and the author of the books was someone named Thomas F. Torrance [previously unknown to me]. Naturally I tried to learn more about him in order to determine whether he might be a mentor for post graduate study...