Thomas Forsyth Torrance: Reflections of a Brother


David W. Torrance, "Thomas Forsyth Torrance: Reflections of a Brother," Participatio 9, "Theological Anthropology" (2021): 7-29


Torrance, David W. "Thomas Forsyth Torrance: Reflections of a Brother." Participatio 9, "Theological Anthropology" (2021): 7-29


My brother Tom and I enjoyed a long and close friendship and I think it is important that in any study of a person an accurate picture of them is required. It is for this reason that I offer the following brief biographical sketch of aspects of my brother’s life, motivations, and career. I focus on two aspects of Tom’s life, his family background which was such an important backdrop to his life and work, followed by some more personal reflections of Tom from his younger brother. It is my hope that this insight into Tom the man, the brother, son, and husband will be a fitting complement to what most people know of Tom the scholar from his published works. Tom would not have liked the attention he has garnered since his death and so on his behalf I would make a plea that the attention not be on Tom himself, but on the gracious God he served throughout his long and fruitful life.

Theological Anthropology
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