Myk Habets and Geordie W. Ziegler, "Editorial," Participatio 9, "Theological Anthropology" (2021): 1-6


Habets, Myk, and Geordie W. Ziegler. "Editorial." Participatio 9, "Theological Anthropology" (2021): 1-6


What does it mean to be human, in light of Christ and what he has done, is doing, and will do for us? These are questions theology must answer. A variety of answers are given across the Christian tradition. Based upon a reading of Romans 5 (and other texts) we have to first say that being human is about Christ more than it is about you and me. What it means to be human does not start with looking at you, or me, or any other human, or even all humans that have ever existed. That is not the Christian way. Rather, it starts with looking at Jesus Christ, the one true human. Christ did not just save us in a narrow vacuum; he came and showed us what it looks like to be a real human person. In short, Christ is what it means to be human: we find our identity in him....

Theological Anthropology
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