2021 - Volume 9: "Theological Anthropology"

Todd Speidell, Editor (Contact)
Volume editors: Geordie Ziegler, Myk Habets (Contact)
Participatio Volume 9: "Theological Anthropology" (2021); #2021-P-1.

Table of Contents

Participatio volume 9 cover

Myk Habets and Geordie W. Ziegler, "Editorial," 1-6; #2021-MH-GWZ-1

David W. Torrance, "Thomas Forsyth Torrance: Reflections of a Brother," 7-29; #2021-DWT-1.

Hakbong Kim, "Thomas F. Torrance and Theological Anthropology," 31-49; #2021-HK2-2.

Daniel J. Cameron, "Incarnation and Recreation: The Fallen Nature of Christ and the Re-creation of Humanity," 51-68; #2021-DJC-1.

Marty Folsom, "Thomas F. Torrance and Personalism: Distinctions, Clarifications, and Paths Forward for Christian Anthropology," 69-94; #2021-MF-1.

Gary W. Deddo, "Resisting Reductionism: Why We Need a Truly Theological Anthropology to counter the Dehumanization of God’s Humanity," 95-128; #2021-GWD-1.

Paul Louis Metzger, "The Import of Thomas F. Torrance’s Theological Anthropology for Addressing Racialization in Contemporary Society," 129-156; #2021-PLM-1.

Geordie W. Ziegler, "The Imago Dei as a Word of Grace in the Theological Anthropology of Thomas F. Torrance," 157-172; #2021-GWZ-1

Date published online: August 30, 2022.

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