Consecration and Ordination


Thomas F. Torrance, "Consecration and Ordination," Scottish Journal of Theology 11 (1958): 225-252; #1958-132


Torrance, Thomas F. "Consecration and Ordination." Scottish Journal of Theology 11, no. 3 (1958): 225-252; #1958-132

Publication life cycle / General notes

Incorrectly attributed on the SJT website to "T. F. Torrange."

Reprinted in Conflict and Agreement in the Church, II: The Ministry and the Sacraments of the Gospel; #1960-155b.

Reprinted in Gospel, Church, and Ministry (#2012-TFT-1e).

Revision status

Vol. 11 (AM), not 9 (BG).


In order to understand the NT teaching about consecration and ordination we have to examine the rites and language of the OT tradition. The rites were not carried over as such into the Christian Church, for they were fulfilled in Christ and abrogated, but the NT does use the language of the rites to speak both of Christ and His Church, and it does adapt some of the OT rites for its own use, but with entire freedom and new significance. The basic line we have to consider is the consecration of the priest, and king, and prophet in the OT, and see how they are fulfilled in Christ, and then see how in this Christ the NT thinks of the ministry as consecrated and ordained.

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