Thomas F. Torrance, "Introduction," in The School of Faith: The Catechisms of the Reformed Church, ed. and trans. Thomas F. Torrance (London: The Camelot Press; New York: Harper & Brothers, 1959), ix-cxxvi; #1959-140b


Torrance, Thomas F. "Introduction." In The School of Faith: The Catechisms of the Reformed Church, ix-cxxvi. Edited and Translated by Thomas F. Torrance. London: The Camelot Press; New York: Harper & Brothers, 1959; #1959-140b

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Pagination may vary depending on whether the "Contents" for the Introduction (pp. ix-x) is included as part of the Introduction itself (the essay starts on p. xi).

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I. The Content and Form of the Catechisms, p. xii.
(1) Analysis of the Catechisms, p. xii.
(2) Contrast between the Reformation and the Westminster Catechisms, p. xvi.
(3) Criticism of their Content, p. xx.

II. The Method of Instruction, p. xxi.
The Nature of Communication, p. xxii.
(1) General Principles of Learning and Instruction, p. xxiii.
(2) Particular Principles for Christian Learning and Instruction, p. xxxii.

III. The Nature of Theology, p. xliii.
(1) Dialogical Theology, p. xliii.
Contrast between Reformed and Mediaeval Theology, p. xlv.
The Temptations of Dialogical Theology, p. xlviii.
(2) The Systematic Interest of Theology, p. l.
Contrast between the Covenant of Grace and the Sacramental Universe, p. l.
   (i) The General Principle -- The Covenant, p. lii.
   (ii) The Particular Principle -- The Doctrine of Christ, p. lv.
(3) The Catholicity of Theology, p. lxv.
   (i) The Historical Interest, p. lxvii.
   (ii) The Ecumenical Interest, p. lxviii.
   (iii) Historical and Ecumenical Interests, p. lxviii.

IV. Doctrinal Tendencies, p. lxix.
(1) The Doctrine of God, p. lxx.
   (i) Contrast with Latin Theology, p. lxx.
   (ii) God in Christ, p. lxxii.
   (iii) Implications of the Reformed Doctrine of God, p. lxxiii.
(2) The Doctrine of Christ, p. lxxx.
   (i) Christ clothed with His Gospel, p. lxxx.
   (ii) The Merits of Christ, p. lxxxiii.
   (iii) The Threefold Office of Christ, p. lxxxvii.
(3) The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, p. xcv.
   (i) The Person of the Spirit, p. xcvi.
   (ii) The Work of the Spirit, p. c.
   (iii) The Communion of the Spirit, p. cvi.