Where is God?


Thomas F. Torrance, "Where is God?," in Asking Them Questions, New Series, Part I, ed. Ronald Selby Wright (London: Oxford University Press, 1972), 17-26; #1972-304


Torrance, Thomas F. "Where Is God?" In Asking Them Questions, 17-26. New Series, Part I, edited by Ronald Selby Wright. London: Oxford University Press, 1972; #1972-304

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Asking Them Why volumes, all ed. by R.S. Wright:
1936: Asking Them Questions.
1938: Asking Them Questions, Second Series.
1939: Asking Why.
1943: Soldiers Also Asked.
1950: Asking Them Questions, Third Series.
1953: Asking Them Questions, A Selection from the First Three Series.

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