The Ground and Grammar of Theology


Thomas F. Torrance, The Ground and Grammar of Theology (Charlottesville, Virginia: The University of Virginia Press, 1980); #1980-369


Torrance, Thomas F. The Ground and Grammar of Theology. Charlottesville, Virginia: The University of Virginia Press, 1980; #1980-369

Publication life cycle / General notes

The James W. Richard lectures for 1978-79, University of Virginia.  

This is the first edition. First published 1980 by University Press of Virginia; distributed in the UK by Christian Journals, Belfast (#1980-369-2).

  • The 1980 edition has no subtitle. 
  • Later editions have identical pagination except for the front matter. 
  • First published in paperback 2001 by T&T Clark.
  • #2001-TFT-4 has a new preface. Torrance, "Preface to the New Edition," pp. ix-xii, copyright 2001.

​Audio recordings: See #1981-TFT-6 for ten lectures with nine Q&A sessions (19 audio files total) given at Fuller Seminary in 1981. Posted on the website of Grace Communion International with permission from Fuller Theological Seminary and the Torrance estate.

Four of the lectures were given in an earlier form at Princeton Theological Seminary's Summer Institute in July 1977. To our knowledge, these recordings do not survive.

Dedication: "To John Marks Templeton in high regard and deep admiration." Chapter 1 "incorporates the address I delivered on receiving the Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress in Religion in March 1978.

Call for materials:

  • Do you have copies of any of the diagrams which TF drew on the chalkboard during these lectures?
  • Do you happen to have any copies of the lectures as they were presented at Princeton? (Any format, text, audio, or video.)

Preface, ix-xii. (#1980-369a)
1: Man, the Priest of Creation, 1. (#1980-369b)
2: Emerging from the Cultural Split, 15. (#1980-369c)
3: Creation and Science, 44. (#1980-369d)
4: The Transformation of Natural Theology, 75. (#1980-369e)
5: Theological Science, 110. (#1980-369f)
6: The Basic Grammar of Theology, 146. (#1980-369g)
Index of Names, 179.

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