Thomas F. Torrance, "Homoousion," Evangelische Theologie 43 (1983): 16-26; #1983-424


Torrance, Thomas F. "Homoousion." Evangelische Theologie 43, no. 1 (1983): 16-26; #1983-424

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From The Incarnation (1981), 11-22.


This essay presents the essential heart of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, the kingpin that makes all the rest hang together. The Nicene Fathers came up with homoousion as the best term to express the inner connection found in the Gospel and the NT presentation of Christ. As this came to light not only through controversy with Arians but through critical exegesis, something quite irreversible took place in the history of Christian theology: the realisation of a fundamental insight thrust upon the mind of the church by the self-revelation of God in Christ. With homoousion at its heart the Nicene Creed became a document of remarkable authority for the whole of Christendom.

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