Theological Dialogue between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, vol. 1

Torrance, Thomas F., ed., Theological Dialogue between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, vol. 1 (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985); #1985-453
Torrance, Thomas F., ed. Theological Dialogue Between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, vol. 1. 2 vols. Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985; #1985-453
Publication life cycle / General notes
Volume 1 (1985); Volume 2 (1993-TFT-2). Preface, vii-viii: "The different papers that comprise this volume were read at three Consultations between Orthodox and Reformed Churchmen and Theologians, at Istanbul, July 26-30, 1979, at Geneva, February 15-18, 1981, and again at Geneva, March 6-11, 1983."
Includes bibliographical references
Memoranda on Orthodox/Reformed relations / Thomas F. Torrance -- God's immutability and communicability / Emilianos Timiadis -- The authority of the church and authority in the church according to the Reformed tradition / Hans-Helmut Esser -- Authority in the Orthodox church / Chrysostomos S. Konstantinidis -- The Trinitarian foundation and character of faith and of authority in the church / Thomas F. Torrance -- The Trinitarian structure of the church and its authority / Emilianos Timiadis -- Agreed understanding of the theological development and eventual direction of the Orthodox/Reformed conversations leading to dialogue.