The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity according to St Athanasius


Thomas F. Torrance, "The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity according to St Athanasius," Anglican Theological Review 71 (1989): 395-405; #1989-510


Torrance, Thomas F. "The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity According to St Athanasius." Anglican Theological Review 71, no. 4 (1989): 395-405; #1989-510

Publication life cycle / General notes

Footnote #1: [Ch. 8 of The Trinitarian Faith] "and this article draw from a paper of mine composed for the Orthodox/Reformed Theological Dialogue." The 1987 edition of Trinitarian Faith, referred to in this footnote, was delayed in publication and appeared in 1988; #1988-489i. See also Trinitarian Perspectives, ch. 1, #1994-573b; and Theological Dialogue Between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, vol. 2, 1993; #1993-tft-2c.

Revision status

1989 (as in IT, JYL), not 1987 (as in AM).