Thomas F. Torrance, "Preface," in Christian Theology and Scientific Culture (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 1998), 7-10; #1998-TFT-2a


Torrance, Thomas F. "Preface." In Christian Theology and Scientific Culture, 7-10. Theology and Scientific Culture, no. 1. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 1998; #1998-TFT-2a

Publication life cycle / General notes

Preface dated 1980. This book (pp. 9-10): "represents the first in a series of books to be published in the next few years under the aegis of The Templeton Foundation and with the general title of Theology and Scientific Culture. Publication will take place on both sides of the Atlantic, and in French and German as well as in English. In this venture scientists and theologians (some of whom are both scientists and theologians) from various countries hope to share their thought in clarifying the interrelations of science and theology, with the aim of providing a platform for deeper understanding and wider cooperation between them. I should like to express the appreciation of all concerned to the Rev. Wilbert Forker, Vice-President of The Templeton Foundation, who initiated and now manages this exciting project..."

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