The Soul and Person of the Unborn Child


Thomas F. Torrance, The Soul and Person of the Unborn Child (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1999); #1999-633


Torrance, Thomas F. The Soul and Person of the Unborn Child. Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1999; #1999-633

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Not in OCLC. Related to #1998-625.

Title variation: On p. 3 of the booklet, the heading is entitled "The Soul and the Person of the Unborn Child." On the title page and the booklet cover, the second "the" is omitted.

From the Preface: "The original form of this essay was an address delivered on August 21 1997 to a session of the Scottish Order of Christian Unity in Edinburgh..." What is reproduced in this pamphlet was given at the Instituto Scientifico H San Raffaele, Milan on May 22, 1998 and was "entitled 'Medicine and the Unborn Child'". It represented a longer and more technical version of the address I had given in Edinburgh." ... "I have reverted to its original title "The Soul and Person of the Unborn Child.'"

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  • Oklahoma History of Science Collections copy donated by Calum MacKellar.