Introducing T. F. Torrance


Paul D. Molnar, "Introducing T. F. Torrance," in Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity (Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate, 2009), 1-30; #2009-PDM-1a


Molnar, Paul D. "Introducing T. F. Torrance." In Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity, 1-30. Great Theologians Series. Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate, 2009; #2009-PDM-1a


This book provides an important study of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance, who is generally considered to have been one of the most significant theologians writing in English during the twentieth century, with a view toward showing how his theological method and all his major doctrinal views were shaped by his understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity....

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