Not I, But Christ


David W. Torrance, "Not I, but Christ," You're Included, 105 (Pasadena, California: Grace Communion International, 2011); #2011-DWT-3


Torrance, David W. "Not I, but Christ." You're Included, 105. Pasadena, California: Grace Communion International, May 12, 2011; #2011-DWT-3

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Audio and video recording. You're Included. Conversation with David Torrance. Hosted by Michael Morrison. Sponsored by Grace Communion International and Grace Communion Seminary. Video and audio, with transcript. Reprinted in #2018-MM-1.


Rev. David Torrance explains what it means to receive Christ: that we share in his death and his resurrection -- death to our old life of sin, and a new life in Christ.

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