Trinitarian Conversations, Volume 2


Michael D. Morrison, ed., Trinitarian Conversations, Volume 2: Interviews With Twenty-Two Theologians (Charlotte, North Carolina: Grace Communion International, 2018)


Morrison, Michael D., editor. Trinitarian Conversations, Volume 2: Interviews With Twenty-Two Theologians. Charlotte, North Carolina: Grace Communion International, 2018

Publication life cycle / General notes

"The chapters in this book are transcripts of interviews conducted as part of the You’re Included series, sponsored by Grace Communion International and Grace Communion Seminary. We have more than 120 interviews available. You may watch them or download video or audio at" (Introduction)

Includes 5 You’re Included interviews with David W. Torrance. This book was updated when GCI and GCS moved to Charlotte. The sub-title changed as well.

The book is available in print or Kindle on Amazon, and on iBooks, as before. A free download is available (as linked to from Days of Discipleship).


Interviews with Jeremy Begbie, Douglas A. Campbell, Cathy Deddo, Gordon Fee, David Fergusson, Myk Habets, Trevor Hart, George Hunsinger, Michael Jinkins, Alister McGrath, Steve McVey, Paul Molnar, Cherith Fee Nordling, Robin Parry, Andrew Purves, Fred Sanders, Stephen Seamands, Daniel Thimell, Alan Torrance, David Torrance, Robert T. Walker, and N.T. Wright.

Interviewed by J. Michael Feazell, Michael D. Morrison, and Gary W. Deddo. Edited by Michael D. Morrison.