Reading Genesis 1:2


John Emory McKenna, "Reading Genesis 1:2" Participatio Supplemental Volume 2 (2013): 1-24


McKenna, John Emory. "Reading Genesis 1:2." Participatio Supplemental Volume 2 (2013): 1-24


Genesis 1:2 needs to be read and understood as a part of the confession of the “very good,” not evil, creation according to the witness of Moses to the Revelation of God with us. As such, the verse participates in the establishment of those primordial and constitutive principles we need to recover in our time, so that we may learn to articulate the? justi?fication and? sancti?fication of ?God'??s ?beginning with the cosmologies of our mo?dern sciences. ?Karl ?Barth'?s try?st with the consensus of mod?ern scholarship on the signi?ficance of the ?verse thus re?quires a new and ?in-depth interpretation in the light of a cognitive relationship between b?ib?lical an?d scienti?fic theology? to?day,?? with which Professor Thomas F. Torrance has challenge?d the Church'?s proclamation of the ?gospel of ?God in the World.