Reader's Guide 6. The Trinity

Elmer M. Colyer, "An Introductory Reader's Guide to the Published Works of T. F. Torrance," Participatio: Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, Supplement 1 (2011): 38-63; revised online edition (#2017-EC-1).

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The Mediation of Christ, 2d ed. (#1992-542)
Chapter 5: The Atonement and the Trinity (#1992-542a)

The Trinitarian Faith (#1988-489)
Chapter 8: The Triunity of God (#1988-489i)
This chapter in The Trinitarian Faith is probably the best introduction to Torrance's doctrine of the Trinity.

Ground and Grammar (#1980-369)
Chapter 6: The Basic Grammar of Theology (#1980-369g)

Reality and Scientific Theology (#1985-450)
Chapter 6: The Trinitarian Structure of Theology (#1985-450h)
"The Trinitarian Structure of Theology" is an important chapter that deals with methodological considerations concerning how the doctrine of the Trinity arises.

The Christian Doctrine of God: One Being, Three Persons (#1996-595)
This is Torrance's magnum opus. It is one of the most groundbreaking works on the Trinity in the past twenty years. It includes extremely important chapters on methodological questions concerning how the doctrine of the Trinity arises. It is a difficult book.

Trinitarian Perspectives: Toward Doctrinal Agreement. Edinburgh: T&T Clark; (#1994-573).
This book arose out of ecumenical dialogue between the Pan-Orthodoxy Churches and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. Torrance played a crucial role in these dialogues. The book contains many discussions important to Torrance's doctrine of the Trinity.

Readers interested in the dialogue between the Pan-Orthodoxy Churches and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches should consult Thomas F. Torrance, ed., Theological Dialogue between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, 2 vols. Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985 and 1993 (#1985-453, #1993-TFT-2).

Colyer, How To Read T. F. Torrance (#2001-EC-1)
Chapter 8: The Triunity of God, One Being Three Persons

Molnar, Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity (#2009-PDM-1)
Chapter 2: The Centrality of the Doctrine of Trinity in Torrance's Theology

Colyer, ed., Promise of Trinitarian Theology (#2001-EC-2)
Chapter 5: Being and Person: T. F. Torrance's Doctrine of God, by Colin Gunton


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