2019 - Supplemental Volume 5: "Søren Kierkegaard as a 
Christian, Incarnational Theologian"

Participatio Supplemental Volume 5: "Søren Kierkegaard as a Christian, Incarnational Theologian" (2019); #2019-P-2.
Todd Speidell, Editor

Participatio 2019, Supplement volume 5, cover page

Table of Contents

Foundational Essay

C. Stephen Evans, "Kierkegaard: Father of Existentialism or Critic of Existentialism?," 2-20; #2019-CSE-1.
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I: Kierkegaard as Trinitarian, Incarnational, and Realist Theologian

Murray Rae, "Kierkegaard and the Trinitarian Grammar of Theology," 22-40; #2019-MR-1.
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David J. Gouwens, "Kierkegaard’s Incarnational Realism," 41-59; #2019-DJG-1.
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Andrew Torrance, "Kierkegaard’s Paradoxical Christology," 60-82; #2019-ABT-1.
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Lee C. Barrett, "Kierkegaard on the Beauty of the Cross," 83-101; #2019-LCB-1.
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G. P. Marcar, "Temporal Goods, Divine Love and the Poverty of Christ: or, how Kierkegaard’s Ethic in Works of Love is Economically Apathetic," 102-126; #2019-GPM-1.
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II: Kierkegaard and the Contours of Christian Life

Philip G. Ziegler, "The Theological Self in Kierkegaard’s Sickness unto Death," 128-143; #2019-PGZ-1.
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Joshua Cockayne, "Communion and the Remission of Sin: A Kierkegaardian Account," 144-166; #2019-JC3-1.
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Aaron P. Edwards, "Kierkegaard on Sin, Ambiguity, and Gospel Radicality: Towards a Response to George Pattison," 167-189; #2019-APE-1.
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Stephen Backhouse, "The Difference the Incarnation Makes: The changing nature of faith and offence in the pseudonyms of Søren Kierkegaard," 190-223; #2019-SB-1.
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Sylvia Walsh, "The Inverse Dialectic of Jest and Earnestness in Kierkegaard’s Theology," 224-240; #2019-SW-1.
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Date published online: May 23, 2020.

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