2017 - Volume 7: "Science, Epistemology, and Natural Theology"

Todd Speidell, Editor

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Feature Article:
Alister E. McGrath, "A Manifesto for Intellectual Engagement: Reflections on Thomas F. Torrance's Theological Science (1969)," pp. 1-16; #2017-AEM-2
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Response Article:
Greg Cootsona, "Science, Theology and the Power of the Ring," pp. 17-26; #2017-GC-1.
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Other articles:
Rodney D. Holder, "Thomas Torrance: Science, Theology and the Contingent Universe," pp. 27-48; #2017-RDH-1.
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Travis M. Stevick, "The Function of Scientific Theory in the Thought of T. F. Torrance," pp. 49-70; #2017-TMS-1.
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Alexander J. D. Irving, "What has Athens to do with Edinburgh: Can an Immanent-Realist View of Universals Help us Understand T. F. Torrance's Conception of Reality?" pp. 71-98; #2017-AJDI-4.
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Alexander J. D. Irving, "Natural Theology as the Intra-Structure of Theological Science: T. F. Torrance's Proposals for Natural Theology in the Context of the Synthesis of Rational Structure and Material Content," pp. 99-124; #2017-AJDI-5.
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Review Essay:
Ivor J. Davidson on Paul D. Molnar, Faith, Freedom and the Spirit: The Economic Trinity in Barth, Torrance and Contemporary Theology and Divine Freedom and the Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity: In Dialogue with Karl Barth and Contemporary Theology (2d ed.), pp. 125-140; #2017-IJD-1.
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Book Review:
Tom Noble on E. Jerome Van Kuiken, Christ's Humanity in Current and Ancient Controversy: Fallen or Not?, pp. 141-145; #2017-TAN-1.
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Participatio: Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship is an annual, peer-reviewed, online journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship (www.tftorrance.org), a research fellowship within the Christian Church and tradition based on the theology of Thomas F. Torrance. The journal's mission is two-fold: to apprehend the significance of Torrance's work and to advance his evangelical and scientific theology for the benefit of the Church, academy, and society.


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