Happy Hour (no comments)

Firbush 2021

Wednesday 22 September

7pm UK (1pm US Central)

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The Happy Hour is a fun way for participants to get to know one another before the event. Come and go as you wish. To prepare for the Happy Hour, get your favorite snack or beverage ready. Munching and toasting are encouraged. 

During the Happy Hour, once you log in to Zoom, the host will randomly assign you to a group of 3-5 people. In a rapid round-robin, each person will take 2 minutes max to do all of the following:

  1. Introduce yourself, sharing your name, city and country.
  2. Complete the following sentence: "For me, I will know that the pandemic is really over when..."

Watch the clock, and please keep your introduction less than two minutes per person, for you will have only 10 minutes total for everyone in the group to complete the round-robin. After the round-robin, converse as you wish until the group is dissolved.

Every 10-15 minutes, the host will redistribute everyone randomly into new groups. Repeat the round-robin in the new group. If you come for the entire Happy Hour, you will be able to participate in multiple groups and meet many other participants.

Your "Really over when..." statement may be simple or memorable, humorous and outlandish, or a statement of serious personal sharing. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you wish to share it here, feel free to post it in the Comments below (indicate your name in the subject field unless you are logged in). And, if you didn't get to hear someone's statement during the Happy Hour, follow up by email with those who post below.

Couldn't make the Happy Hour? You're still welcome to post your statement in the comments below (requires log-in first; then go here).

The Happy Hour will not be recorded.