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Member Profiles

Have you logged in and created a member profile? 

Once you log-in, you may create your own Member Profile, and come back to edit or update it at any time. Member profiles may include brief professional introductions, institutional and denominational affiliations, regional locations, and research interests, cross-referenced with Member Publications.

If you post a profile, you will be listed in the Member Directory. Posting a profile is an entirely optional benefit of membership. Members who do not post a profile will not be listed in the Member Directory, although they will still be able to log in and view the profiles other members choose to post. If you do choose to create a profile, it will be visible only to other members. Neither profiles nor the Member Directory are visible to the general public.

To post a profile, only three fields are required: Name, ID#, and an affirmation of the Fellowship's Mission Statement. In the text editing view, these fields are marked with a red asterisk.  All other fields are optional so, for example, if you prefer not to share your email address, even with members, simply leave that field blank and it will not be displayed. The content you share is up to you.

Not only is the content you share up to you, but also how much and how you organize it. Several "Notes" fields exist, distributed across several different blocks. Information may be presented in a general way in the Notes field for the "About" block.  Or you can parse information between other Notes fields in the blocks for Education, Institutions, Professional Activities, and Reference. Whether you combine your Notes into a single field in the About block, or split content between the Notes fields in other blocks, is up to you.

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