T. F. Torrance in Recollection and Reappraisal


Bruce Ritchie, T. F. Torrance in Recollection and Reappraisal (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2021)


Ritchie, Bruce. T. F. Torrance in Recollection and Reappraisal. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2021

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Foreword by Robert T. Walker.

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This is perhaps the most engaging and readable introduction to T. F. Torrance's theology around. The author writes from the perspective of having been a student in Torrance's theology class in Edinburgh when Torrance was at the height of his powers, painting a fascinating picture of Torrance in action as a teacher. The book sets Torrance's theology in context by placing it in relation to liberal Protestantism on the one hand and traditional Calvinism on the other. It explores Torrance's methodology; it offers insights on how he linked incarnation and atonement; and it also suggests how some of Torrance's ideas may be extended in order to result in an even more integrated and cohesive theology. This book is a must, not only for Torrance readers, but for all lovers of theology.


Foreword by Robert T. Walker, ix.
Acknowledgements, xiii.
Abbreviations, xiv.
Introduction, xv.

Part One: Recollection
Chapter 1: Theological Teacher, p. 3
Chapter 2: Theological College, p. 10
Chapter 3: Theological Course, p. 24

Part Two: Methodology
Chapter 4: Theological Science, p. 41
Chapter 5: Theological Depth, p. 54
Chapter 6: Theological Knowledge, p. 62
Chapter 7: Theological Concepts, p. 83

Part Three: Christology
Chapter 8: "Man of Israel, Lord God," p. 95
Chapter 9: Jesus as Teacher, p. 100
Chapter 10: Jesus as Agent, p. 125
Chapter 11: Jesus as Savior: Calvary, p. 148
Chapter 12: Jesus as Savior: Bethlehem, p. 161

Part Four: Reappraisal
Chapter 13: Christology in Reverse, p. 175
Chapter 14: Christology and Time, p. 186
Chapter 15: Christology and History, p. 198
Chapter 16: Christology and Gospel, p. 209

Appendix 1: The Dogmatics Course, p. 217
Appendix 2: The Dogmatics Exams, p. 226
Appendix 3: The Firbush Conferences, p. 242
Appendix 4: The Historical/Theological Exegesis of 2 Corinthians 5:21, p. 248

Bibliography, p. 269
Index, p. 275