Royal Priesthood


Thomas F. Torrance, Royal Priesthood, Scottish Journal of Theology Occasional Papers, no. 3 (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1955); #1955-081


Torrance, Thomas F. Royal Priesthood. Scottish Journal of Theology Occasional Papers, no. 3. Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1955; #1955-081

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Translated into French in 1955-082 and 1955-082-TFT-1958. Preface, vii (June, 1955): "This little work is offered as a contribution to the discussion initiated by the World Conference on Faith and Order, held at Lund in August 1952, on the Biblical doctrine of the Church and Ministry. It also represents an attempt to relate that to the Church of England and the Church of Scotland, now engaged in talks on reunion.... Several of these studies were given in three lectures delivered in March in the University of Wales at Bangor...."

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