The Ground and Grammar of Theology


Thomas F. Torrance, The Ground and Grammar of Theology: Consonance between Theology and Science (Bloomsbury: T&T Clark, 2001); #2001-TFT-5


Torrance, Thomas F. The Ground and Grammar of Theology: Consonance Between Theology and Science. Bloomsbury: T&T Clark, 2001; #2001-TFT-5

Publication life cycle / General notes

First published in paperback 2001 by T&T Clark. Torrance, "Preface to the New Edition," copyright 2001. 2001 and 1980 pagination and index are identical.

See original publication #1980-369 for full information.


Preface to the New Edition, vii.
Preface, ix.
1: Man, the Priest of Creation, 1.
2: Emerging from the Cultural Split, 15.
3: Creation and Science, 44.
4: The Transformation of Natural Theology, 75.
5: Theological Science, 110.
6: The Basic Grammar of Theology, 146.
Index of Names.

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