Church Dogmatics, Study Edition


Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, Study Edition, ed. Thomas F. Torrance, Geoffrey W. Bromiley and Frank McCombie (Edinburgh: T&T Clark; with assistance from the Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary, 2009), 31 vols.; #2009-TFT-2


Barth, Karl. Church Dogmatics, Study Edition. Edited by Thomas F. Torrance, Geoffrey W. Bromiley and Frank McCombie. 31 vols. Edinburgh: T&T Clark; with assistance from the Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary, 2009; #2009-TFT-2

Publication life cycle / General notes

Study Edition, title page verso: "All revisions to the original English translation and all translations of Greek, Latin and French © Princeton Theological Seminary, 2009." Paperback, high quality, sewn binding. The Study Edition offers an advantage over the Hendrickson reprint: Barth's frequent quotations of phrases and passages in Greek, Latin, French and German are translated into English in footnotes appearing at the bottom of each page.


V.I. The doctrine of the word of God (6 volumes) -- v. II. The doctrine of God (6 volumes) -- v. III. The doctrine of creation (8 volumes) -- v. IV. The doctrine of reconciliation (10 volumes) -- [v. V]. Index with aids for the preacher.; 1. v. I. sections 1-7. The word of God as the criterion of dogmatics -- 2. v. I. sections 8-12. The revelation of God : the triune God -- 3. v. I. sections 13-15. The revelation of God : the incarnation of the word -- 4. v. I. sections 16-18. The revelation of God : the outpouring of the Holy Spirit -- 5. v. I. sections 19-21. Holy scripture -- 6. v. I. sections 22-24. The proclamation of the church.; 7. v. II. sections 25-27. The knowledge of God -- 8. v. II. sections 28-30. The reality of God I -- 9. v. II. section 31. The reality of God II -- 10. v. II. sections 32-33. The election of God I -- 11. v. II. sections 34-35. The election of God II -- 12. v. II. sections 36-39.; 13. v. III. sections 40-42. The work of creation. section 40. Faith in God the creator; section 41. Creation and covenant; section 42. The yes of God the creator -- 14. v. III. sections 43 -- 44. The creature I. section 43. Man as a problem of dogmatics; section 44. Man as the creature of God -- 15. v. III. sections 45-46. The creature II. section 45. Man in his determination as the covenant-partner of God; section 46. Man as soul and body -- 16. v. III. section 47. The creature III. section 47. Man in his time -- 17. v. III. sections 48-49. The creator and his creatiure I. section 48. The doctrine of providence, its basis and form; section 49. God the Father as Lord of his creature -- 18. v. III. sections 50-51. The creator and his creatiure II. section 50. God and nothingness; section 51. The kingdom of heaven, the ambassadors of God and their opponents -- 19. v. III. sections 52-54. The command of God and the creator I. section 52. Ethics as a task of the doctrine of creation; section 53. Freedom before God; section 54. Freedom in fellowship -- 20. v. III. sections 55-56. The command of God and the c

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