Theology in Reconciliation


Thomas F. Torrance, Theology in Reconciliation: Essays towards Evangelical and Catholic Unity in East and West (London: Geoffrey Chapman, 1975); #1975-322


Torrance, Thomas F. Theology in Reconciliation: Essays Towards Evangelical and Catholic Unity in East and West. London: Geoffrey Chapman, 1975; #1975-322

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First edition.

Included in the Logos Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance collection, #2018-TFT-1-Logos.

  • Foreword, 1975-322a
  • 1. Ecumenism: A Reappraisal of its Significance, Past, Present and Future, 1975-322b
  • 2. The One Baptism Common to Christ and His Church, 1975-322c
  • 3. The Paschal Mystery of Christ and the Eucharist, 1975-322d
  • 4. The Mind of Christ in Worship: The Problem of Apollinarianism in the Liturgy, 1975-322e
  • 5. Athanasius: A Study in the Foundations of Classical Theology, 1975-322f
  • 6. The Church in the New Era of Scientific and Cosmological Change, 1975-322g
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  • Oklahoma History of Science Collections copy donated by Bruce Ritchie (presented by TFT to his class).