Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance


Thomas F. Torrance, Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance (Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock; Bellingham, Washington: Faithlife Corporation, Logos Bible Software, 2018); #2018-TFT-1


Torrance, Thomas F. Select Works of Thomas F. Torrance. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock; Bellingham, Washington: Faithlife Corporation, Logos Bible Software, 2018; #2018-TFT-1

Publication life cycle / General notes

Includes the volumes from two series published by Wipf & Stock:

  • The Torrance Collection (all titles except for one)
  • Thomas F. Torrance: Collected Studies, ed. Jock Stein (one title: Gospel, Church, and Ministry)

This library collects Torrance's thoughts about ecclesiology, the incarnation, and the relationship between science and theology, as well as his historical studies of Calvin's view of man and the Church Fathers' understanding of grace.

Title  Logos record Record for W&S print edition used by Logos Record for original edition reprinted by W&S, with full info, table of contents, chapter links, etc.
Gospel, Church, and Ministry #2012-TFT-1-Logos #2012-TFT-1 (#2012-TFT-1)
Kingdom and Church: A Study in the Theology of the Reformation


#1996-597 #1956-089

Conflict and Agreement in the Church:

Vol. 1: Order and Disorder
Vol. 2: The Ministry and the Sacraments of the Gospel





The School of Faith: The Catechisms of the Reformed Church


#1997-612 #1959-140
A Passion for Christ: The Vision that Ignites Ministry


#2010-JS-1 #1999-PFC-1
The Doctrine of Jesus Christ: The Auburn Lectures 1938/39 2002-TFT-1-Logos #2002-TFT-1 (#2002-TFT-1)
When Christ Comes and Comes Again 1996-600-Logos #1996-600 #1957-109
The Christian Frame of Mind: Reason, Order, and Openness in Theology and Natural Science 2015-TFT-2-Logos #2015-TFT-2 #1989-505
Belief in Science and in Christian Life: The Relevance of Michael Polanyi's Thought for Christian Faith and Life 1998-TFT-1-logos #1998-TFT-1 #1980-370
Christian Theology and Scientific Culture 1998-TFT-2-Logos #1998-TFT-2 #1980-368
Theological and Natural Science   #2002-TFT-3 (#2002-TFT-3)
Transformation and Convergence in the Frame of Knowledge: Explorations in the Interrelations of Scientific and Theological Enterprise   #1998-TFT-6 #1984-433
Juridical Law and Physical Law: Toward a Realist Foundation For Human Law #1997-TFT-3-Logos #1997-TFT-3 #1982-396
Reality and Scientific Theology   #2001-TFT-3 #1985-450
Reality and Evangelical Theology: The Realism of Christian Revelation   #2003-TFT-1 #1982-397
Theology in Reconstruction #1996-616-Logos #1996-616 #1965-223
Calvin's Doctrine of Man   #1997-TFT-2 #1957-TFT-1
Theology in Reconciliation: Essays Towards Evangelical and Catholic Unity in East and West #1975-322-logos #1996-615 #1975-322
The Incarnation: Ecumenical Studies in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed   #1998-TFT-5 #1981-386
The Doctrine of Grace in the Apostolic Fathers   #1996-596 #1948-017


The following Logos titles are NOT included in this package:


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